Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WOW! Where does the time go????

Ok.... time to change the Christmas background and music! Seriously.... where does the time go? I have SO MANY pictures to post!... Figured I would at least save a page for all of it before summer is here!

January 16th!... Kev's big 40!!
February 3rd... Rachel's 2nd grade program
February 4th... Tate turns the big 5!!
February 6th... 12 five year olds!!! Tate's Star Wars/ Jedi Party!!

well...... hopefully I will get some pictures posted.... they are loaded on the computer.... so stay tuned and don't give up! The Medina's are a wild and busy bunch!

The kids and I made this fun sign for our yard... All morning Kev was like..... what's up with all
the road rage on a Saturday..... lol... He soon discovered why! The horn blarring continued the whole day! What fun! Happy 40th Birthday babe!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

All the kids had these fun indoor pumpkins as well...
Tate wanted them lit ALL day long the entire month!
Tate cookin' up some eyeball stew before
he and his cute friend Quincy get ready to head out!
The gang... actually let me take a picture before they headed off for their 2 hours of trick or treating "without parents"... aaaaahhhh why do they grow up so fast?!!

Morgan, Rachel, Parker, Mitchell & Tate!
(thanks for letting me hang with you still Tate!)

love the un-edited red eye in this picture!!They look like possessed trick or treaters! haha

Tate and cute Sadie! They went to a bunch of houses up on her street together!

Andrew, Tate & Abby! I just love following these cute kiddos around! What a fun age!

Travis & Tenille had this 10ft tall scary guy at their house!

Tate and Levi had no fear! Even posed for a picture with him!
Cool little dudes!
(awesome costume Uncle Marcus)

Tate & Levi... movin' on after their encounter with the 10ft clown!

SOO excited after receiving bubble gum at this house!!
Their Halloween manners were so stinkin' cute too...
they would say... "thank you and Happy Halloween!"

My traditional chili! Yummm!
Tasted so good while watching the Utes WIN later that night!

I roasted up the pumpkin seeds for everyone to enjoy!
SO SO SO much salt!!! Delish!

Here is Tate's finished jack-o-lantern!

(Kevin and the kids carved them on the front lawn...
Kevin used his electric SAWS ALL!!
that's my man!!! good thinking babe!)
the artwork...

Didn't get the back of Rachel's pumpkin... but it said BOO!
cute pirate look Rach!

Mitchell had drawn out a lizard (of course) on his pumpkin...
I think that's actually where Kev figured the saws-all would come in handy!
Looks awesome!

SOOO many pictures... here is a slideshow of Halloween Morning....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Monster Mashin' Medina's

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***Pause music at the right to enjoy our Monstar Mash!***

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Ready For Halloween!

Seriously! I love how excited the kids get for Halloween. They are getting to the age now that I just bring the October totes up from the basement and they go to town! The first week in October I let them have at all the decorations! They were bouncing off the walls! And they actually did a great job with all of the decorations. So creative! Ok, I had fun as well... I always love transforming the house into fall!

Always have to include the pantry cupboard! Great work kids!

Today was the Halloween Parade at the Elementary School. Always such a big hit! Kevin & I were able to get away from work for a bit to go and join in the festivities! After the parade I popped by Tate's preschool and snapped a picture of them at his Halloween party! 2 more days and counting! The kids are SOOO ready! We hit Costco tonight for some candy and will spend their day off tomorrow carving pumpkins and making Chili! LOVE FALL!